Friday, October 10, 2014

Is Facebook Still Worth the Online Marketing Effort?

There may have been other social media sites that have gone before Facebook, but it has proven to be the ultimate game changer for the industry. What could be one of the biggest factors why this is so is Facebook’s ability to help businesses build their brands and their following. They have set a standard across different social media sites being established, creating an entire niche for social media marketing alone. Facebook marketing has truly evolved to have a life of its own, especially with the continuously increasing networks being built around it in its years of existence.

Is Facebook Still Worth It?

After years of success in being an effective marketing tool however, questions are being raised whether it still does the same thing that it used to. With the rise ofUprising SEO other social media sites that have proven to be equally effective in boosting sales and exposure for a lot of businesses, Facebook has definitely met various challenges in keeping its top ranking in terms of social media marketing. In fact, it seems to have slid down a few notches as people start to prefer Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and a number of other places to market their products. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Expectations were too high. The sudden popularity of social media marketing caused so much hype that people believed Facebook marketingcan solve all their problems. Because of this, a considerable percentage of marketing efforts became too centered on Facebook, letting everything else lie on the side. Realistically speaking, Facebook may be great for a few reasons, but it does not address every issue that businesses may have.

  • Facebook shifted their attention to the users instead of businesses. Did you know that only 17% of your page followers get to see your posts on their newsfeed? Just because people like a certain page does not guarantee that they will see each and every post, unlike in the past. Followers would still have to choose this option themselves through their own settings. This is in response to the Facebook audience’s clamor to get rid of the amount of clutter that they see on their feed.

With these two realities, it has gotten more evident that Facebook marketing is not how it used to be.

What You Can Do About It

Despite these numbers, there are still ways to maximize the use of your Facebook pages. Creativity gets you a long way, and the 17% that has access to your posts still has the ability to share your content and make it viral on their own pages. Play on your posts’ visual appeal to catch the attention of your audiences in an instant. You can also offer promos that are only applicable to your Facebook pages so that people are enticed to access information from your Facebook profile more than your other pages. These strategies could help you regain the momentum that your brand used to have, making Facebook marketing an effective tool for you once again.

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