Thursday, March 26, 2015

Social Media Marketing Hacks

social media hacks More often than not, things are made to appear more complicated that it actually is. This holds true for content marketing. Some people spend so much time formulating strategies on how to create their content and how to use social media as a distribution channel, only to find out later on that it’s not enough. Times like these, it is best to have a few social media marketing hacks handy. Pairing these hacks with hardcore social media strategies could be just the thing missing from your campaign.

Facebook Thumbnail Images

Do you notice how some shared posts on Facebook appear with really awesome images, while some appear with small ones that you can barely see? Whenever someone shares a post directly from your website onto their Facebook profile, Facebook looks for the best image on the page and shrinks it down to fit the post. This makes it important for you to choose what images should appear, especially if you are sharing your content directly onto your own Facebook page. An aspect ratio of 1.91:1 is recommended, which would be equivalent to 1200×627 pixels. There are a few tools that you can use online to get a preview of what each post would look like.

Facebook Call to Action Buttons

You may have shared your best content, but if there is no clear map on where you want the viewer to go, then there’s a big possibility that they’ll just move on to the next piece of content. Adding call to action buttons such as the ‘Learn More’ button can help direct more people into your webpage, or to the rest of the post. The best part is that there are other hacks and tools that you can apply to get these buttons without having to pay for a dime.

Twitter Pinned Posts

If you have a specific tweet that brought in the most number of people into your profile, then this could prove to be useful for as long as you need it. Twitter now allows you to pin a specific tweet on top of all your other tweets, which means that whenever anybody visits your profile, this will be the first thing they will see. And take note that it will not just appear like any regular tweet. It will be highlighted in a way that makes it bigger than all the other tweets, with a relevant image to attract even more attention.

Twitter Summary Card

Twitter used to show your 140-character post, and nothing else. But now, you can have a summary card appearing with your tweet, which shows you the title, description, and a thumbnail that allows your followers to have a sneak peek at what you have in store for them once they click on that link that you just shared. This summary card can be activated by using Yoast as a WordPress plugin.

Instagram Photo Map Labeling

Instagram works great for businesses that have a physical location as you can add a geographical tag that lets people know where you’re located. But what if you have no physical location? This is where the brilliance of how geo-tags were made comes in. Geo-tags do not necessarily require you to key in an actual location on the map. Instead, it gives you the option to create your own tag in case the location you need is not on the map. With this in mind, a lot of brands have started typing in the name of their product as a geo-tag, which means that the person viewing the photo doesn’t need to scroll down to the description to learn more about it.

With these social media hacks, you would be able to fully utilize your social media pages and create more exposure for your business or brand!

Written by Uprising SEO

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